Protect your NFT Mint from Bots

Equip your mint with our decentralized antibot verification and drive value into your collection and your community

NFT Mints Are Being Plagued by Spam and Bot Attacks

Failing to curate a strong base of loyal early adopters often leads to the failure of most projects

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Calls to the Mint Contract Are Spam


Increase in Gas Price for Legitimate Users Due to Bots


Public Mints Have Failed Due to Bot Attacks

Zkaptcha Changes the Game for Digital Asset Sales

Launch Free Mints

Execute a controlled and directed free mint using Zkaptcha's anti bot measures to ensure that your collectibles and passes fall into the right hands

Feature 01

Increase Legitimate holders

Make sure your mint serves your community, prioritizing legitimate holders and loyal customers

Feature 02

Anti-Scalp and Anti-Snipe

Prevent attacks from scalpers who want to scoop up your collection and block snipers who frontrun legitimate minters

Feature 03

Want to Make Sure You Have a Successful Mint?

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