Bot-Resistance For On-Chain Games

Bring anti-bot to your on-chain gameplay and stability to your assets and tokens

Countless Games Have Been Shut Down Due to Bot Attacks

If the game contracts cannot discern a bot from a real user, it lacks security and compromises the experience

Features Illustration


Of Developer Time Is Devoted to Combating Bots


Of Web3 Game Users Are Potentially Harmful Bots


Of Value Has Been Stolen From Games by Bots Last Year

Secure your Games and Quests with Zkaptcha

Safely Execute Asset Drops

Execute a controlled and directed asset drop using Zkaptcha's anti bot measures to ensure that your in-game items and passes fall into the right hands

Feature 01

Guard Against Sybil Attacks

Significantly decrease the probability of a Sybil attack by requiring our bot checks during key events

Feature 02

Stabilize Your In-Game Token Economy

With game interoperability, your game assets can exit your game instantly. Control asset migration and sale with Zkaptcha

Feature 03

Want to Boost Your Products Security?

We would love to help you protect and grow your game or quest platform. Reach out to us and lets get cracking!