Truly Web3 Native Faucets

No discord shoutouts, no tweets, no email sign-ins. Experience the worlds first smart contract faucet

Testnet Faucets Are Always Suffering From Bot Attacks

Faucets on testnet are the gateway for developers into blockchain economies. Their usability plays a critical role in protocol success

Features Illustration


Of all existing faucets are depleted


Blockchains and Protocols need good faucets


Faucets have been subject to bot attacks

Setup Your Faucet Infrastructure With Smart Faucets

Iron Clad Security

Smart Faucets are secured by ZK-based anti-bot technology guarding against faucet draining and spam attacks

Feature 01

Boost Dev Rel Productivity

With in-built rate limiting, granular drip control and seamless UX, allow your Dev Rels to focus on better things

Feature 02

Fully Web3 Native

We have built the first smart contract based faucet, built on the synergy between account abstraction and zero-knowledge cryptography

Feature 03

Bring privacy preserving, convenient faucets to your ecosystem

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