Reinventing Captchas as a New Web3 Primitive

Zkaptcha uses zero-knowledge proofs to create Sybil-resistant smart contracts

New Decision-Making Abilities Unlock Endless Possibilities for Dynamic Bot Management

Customize Contract Logic

Easily create NFT honeypots, lower in game rewards, or set custom logic in your Dapp

Feature 01

Rate Limit and Eliminate Spam

Based on your needs, rate limit during problematic high volume periods, or completely block transactions that are creating spam

Feature 02

Secure From Exploits

An overwhelming majority of hacks occur through scripts and automated access. Block bots entirely and prevent your Dapp from getting drained

Feature 03

Why Trust Us?

We believe usability should not be compromised at the cost of security. We offer a suite of features to comfortably secure your on-chain workflows

Robust Zero-Knowledge Verification


Challenges are validated on-chain while ensuring no hoarding or rerouting of challenges

AI Resistance

Adjust challenge difficulty to make them resistant to automated and captcha farm attacks

Replay Resistance

Each challenge is distinct and is sent exclusively by the account responsible for solving it

Granular Control

Embed Seamlessly Into Userflow

Challenges fit modularly into the user workflow to create a frictionless experience


Eliminates the need to repeatedly authenticate to maintain user sessions for a set period

Multi-Chain Compatability

Compatible on all EVM-based chains. Solana coming soon

Under Attack, Or Don't Want To Be?

Reach out to us and lets get you set up!