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Achieve intoxicating user growth with Absinthe.

We're creating the world's most sophisticated ML points service for your token launch's success.


Leveraged data points.


Addresses marked as sybil.


Airdrop claimants projected.


User segmentation accuracy.

Architect your campaign with precision and confidence.

Don't pay $100k to acquire bots. Don't spray and pray. Don't lose $200M of your market cap to absent planning.

World Class Artificial Intelligence

Utilize Absinthe's ML-powered platform to distribute incentives wisely, targeting users who will drive your platform's growth and retention.


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Some of our clients include Aethir, TsunamiX, and FusionX.

We run a 2-week model calibration period free of charge to ensure our models are trained for your users before working closely with your team to integrate our product into your platform.

Our anti-sybil offering, Absinthe Protect, is available for $5,000 a month. Reach out to us for more information on our other products.

Most points services are static, meaning each action is worth a fixed amount of points. Our points are governed by machine-learning models which are dynamic and adjust the value of each action based on the user’s behavior and their value to the project.

We've found humanity scores and ip rate limiting to be a weak signal of humanity. We leverage over 70+ hardware signals for every user and a proprietary Sybil database across all projects we serve to flag and disincentivize known malicious accounts.

Absinthe is backed by 6th Man Ventures, Geometry Ventures, Builder Capital, Tangent Ventures, Room40 Ventures, and Outlier Ventures.